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Steak & Adnams Broadside Ale Pub Pie


Hand cut, slow cooked tender beef in a hearty ‘Adnams Broadside’ gravy, baked into a beautiful shortcrust pastry pie.


It won’t come as any surprise that our Flagship product is the Steak & Adnams Broadside Ale Pub Pie, in that we make more of these than any other. A safe bet for any menu and an obvious link to pub food. Full to the brim with large chunks of tender British beef and a full flavoured gravy. In all, a “Hearty Pub Pie!”

Steak & Adnams Broadside Ale Pub Pie

Homemade pastry (fortified flour (WHEAT flour, maize flour, calcium, iron, vitamin b1, vitamin b3) pork lard, margarine (palm and rapeseed oil, water, salt, natural flavourings) water), British beef 28%, beef stock (salt, modified maize starch, hydrolysed vegetable protein (soya (colour: e150d), flavour enhancer: e621, e631, e627, colour e150c, sugar, non-hydrogenated rapeseed oil, onion powder, pepper extract (salt, pepper extract, herb extract), Adnams Broadside ale 8.5% (contains BARLEY) self-raising flour (WHEAT flour, calcium, iron, vitamin b1 and b3, raising agents: sodium carbonates, calcium phosphates) onion, gravy browning (colour: ammonia caramel, acidity regulator: citric acid), salt, EGG

Produced in a kitchen where NUTS are used in certain recipe’s.

Deep Fill Pub Pies must be reheated from a defrosted state.

Conventional oven reheating is great but is likely to take around 25 to 30 minutes…. far too long for normal service requirements.

So… the best way to reheat the pie is as follows, it works really well.

From defrost, snip the foil from top to bottom in 4 places like the image suggests. Place the pie in the snipped foil, in a microwave on a suitable plate, the foil is microwavable. I have a 1750w machine, so I gave it 90 seconds on full power, which took the centre temperature to about 50 °C. Then, I placed the pie still in the foil, in the oven on 180°C for a further 10 minutes. This “crisped up” the pastry beautifully.
So you can get a pie out to the customer inside 15 minutes.

If you don’t cut the foil the microwaves tend to bounce off the foil and you’ll be there for ever… this way, the heat gets into the pie…it works really well plus…. the pie slightly slumps giving the product a nice homely “cottage loaf” appearance.

For further advice, give me a call on 07973 886608

Pub Pie


It is likely that your Pub Pies will come on our local transport if you are in the detailed area on this map. Otherwise you will receive your delivery by our trusted courier, normally on a Thursday or Friday.


You will need to buy your pies in units of 12…. so 12 Steak & Stilton Pub Pies for example and each consignment has a minimum of 4 units (48 pies).

For this amount, there will be no delivery charge.

Your pre-cooked pies will be delivered in a chilled format, so you can use them straight away or freeze them yourself. .

For more information about deliveries, please visit our Help & Advice page.

Upon purchase we will ask you for a mobile number, we will then text you each Monday morning as a reminder, in case you want to re-order